Saturday, February 21, 2009

clean house?

Do you know people who have those picture perfect homes? You know -> not a dust bunny to be found; not 1 finger print on any window; not a single dog hair any place in the building; no magazine out of place; no dish in the sink; no toaster crumbs have ever touched the counter; no mail left on the table everyday; no shoes off of the shoe rack; etc...! I do NOT live THERE! I want to! but sadly, no. I day dream about coming home to those picture perfect magazine-looking-homes! Such rich-colored, perfectly polished furniture; the un-shedding dog; the pristine view from the front door as you enter....Ahhhhhh, sounds heavenly!!! *MY guys have fingerprints on EVERYTHING; the dogs have hair on every chair; the cats curl up on every item of clothing they can knock down; the dirty dishes seem to multiple in rabbit-time; the laundry basket usually has plenty to hold; dust bunnies galore; the phone ringing off the hook; my mom making me scratch my head in wonder; being pulled in ever direction at once because seemingly no one can function without me for 20 minutes; nope, not a moment of silence to be found! *Heck, I'd settle for my home to STILL be clean even 15 minutes after I have put away the cleaning supplies!! :) I dream of quiet time!! where I can read a book, or enjoy a whole magazine; or sip my morning coffee in peace & quiet; where dogs are seen and not heard; where I can hear myself think; where my husband doesn't diasgree with me 98% of the time; where my son will not desire ALL of my attention; where I can take a bath without conversations that can not wait until I am done; etc...! ***But then!! All of those years of working in nursing homes come in a great flash before my eyes...and I am smacked with the realization that my house will not ALWAYS be full & crazy!!! That there will most likely come a time when my husband (who is 10 years my senior, with heart issues) will not always be here. That my son will one day have a wife, kids, home repairs, a mortgage to pay, and a full & crazy life of his own to juggle -> and good ole mom will be pushed to the back burner of his focus! When my neices and nephews wont need me so much; when my pets are no longer alive; when my parents are no longer here to make me crazy & make me laugh; when my brothers have forgotten my name from old age; when my aunts & uncles have long since left this planet and wait for me in heaven; when my cherished friends will need a walker to get to our girl's dinners; And there will most likely come a day when I will be alone and bored and praying for this loud, crazy life that I am worn out from at the moment...and so, I choose to be grateful in this loud, 'lived-in', dust bunny & pet hair covered, loving home!!!! *but don't feel badly: I will have plenty of quiet time to think and read in my nursing home...but for now -> there is fun to be had!!!!! :D So...I am off to make memories with my loud, crazy family...and oh yeah -> don't forget the camera!!!! ;o)


Debbie said...

Are ya trying to convict me with your title? ok as I see below it you are not!! God bless ya, Deb