Sunday, January 18, 2009

They are in EVERY church...

Last night I went to a Christian concert, in a church I've not been to before, with a buddy of mine and as I sat in the last pew (I'm a wiggler & didn't want to distract folks) with my friend, and her co-worker...I confess: I was briefly scanning the crowd!! ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a beautiful Baptist church: simple, old fashion, homey! As I scanned the crowd, it hit me! The crowd looked like every other church crowd I had ever seen: The bald guy in the front looks a lot like my Uncle Harold. The sweet boy in the middle pew on the otherside of the isle looks like my son when he was younger. the chunky guy in front of me looks like a friend of our family...a Godly man, but more comfy in the barn, than the pew. The 'pocket size' little old lady in the back pew, on the otherside is so darn cute ya just wanna walk up an' hug on her! The lady in the front row reminds me of Sister-so-in-so from our old church... boy I sure miss her! The guy introducing the singers reminds me of cousin Dick - kind hearted & funny! on... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YES! ahahaha, I WAS paying attention, and it was a wonderful concert!! but the part that most spoke to my heart & blessed my socks off was: "they are in EVERY church!" ~~~~~~~~~> by that I mean: Those of us who have Jesus in our hearts, will ALWAYS have a home -> where ever we may go! no, NOT because the church folk look like someone we know...but because we all know the same person...JESUS!! yes, I know... churchs are different; and some can not agree on some stuff mentioned in the Bible...but speaking as a spunky Pentacostal gal sitting respectfully in a calm Baptist church -> I was blessed!!! :) Thank you Lord JESUS, you are SO wonderful and I am grateful!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

OK, help me...

OK, help me... what is the trick to keeping the things that I post organized, instead of it all being one big blur of a paragraph?!? and many thanks for helping me! :o)

Here are the rules:

Here are the rules:* Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.* They have to be real places, names, things. nothing made up!* You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name! question1. What is your name? Bee 2. A 4 Letter Word: book 3. A Boys Name: Brad 4. A Girls Name: Bonnie 5. An Occupation: baker 6. A Color: Blue 7. Something you wear: bracelet 8. A Beverage: beer is all I can think of, and yuck! 9. A Food: brownies 10. Something found in the bathroom: bathtub 11. A place: Buffalo 12. A Reason for being late: bed too cozy :) is that cheating? 13. Something you shout: be nice! ( to my pets when they fuss with each other)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where Could I Go...?!?

WHERE COULD I GO -> words & music by JB Coates copyright 1940 Stamps-Baxter Music (a division of Brentwood-Baxter Music Publishing,Inc) ~~Verse 1 Living below in this old sinful word, Hardly a comfort can afford; Striving alone to face temptations sore, Where could I go but to the Lord? ~~ Chorus Where could I go, O where could I go, Seeking a refuge for my soul? Needing a friend to save me in the end, Where could I go but to the Lord? ~~Verse 2 Neighbors are kind, I love them eve'ry one, We get along in sweet accord; But when my soul needs manna from above, Where could I go but to the Lord? ~~ repeat Chorus ~~ Verse 3 Life here is grand with friends I love so dear; Comfort I get from God's own word; Yet when I face the chilling hand of death, Where could I go but to the Lord? ~~repeat Chorus ========================================================= This chorus of this song washes over me, at random times in my life, when I need it most... Thank You Daddy, for singing it to me each time I need to hear it!! ISN'T GOD GOOD!!! FOLKS, WE SERVE AN AWESOME GOD!!!! WHO LOVES EACH OF US, AS IF THERE WERE ONLY ONE OF US!!! YEP, NO SIBLING RIVERY REQUIRED!! ;0) IN FACT: DID YOU KNOW THAT EVEN IF YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE ON THE WHOLE PLANET WHO NEEDED TO BE SAVED, JESUS WOULD HAVE STILL DIED ON THE CROSS...JUST FOR YOU!!! OH MY GOSH...BREATHE THAT IN HONEY-CHILD, AND LET THE TRUTH BLESS YA!!! ~hugs, love & prayers to ya, Bee :)

Do over?!?

Remember when you were a kid and you could call a 'do over'? Ahhh, they were pure bliss! You know...when the game wasn't going well ~ or you got tired & bored of being 'the seeker' and wanted your friends to stop hiding so everyone can do something else...etc. (for you overly competitive people -> a 'do over' is like an annulment! no one wins, it's just a mutual agreement to 'begin again'!) It wasn't just for games though...a do over worked for everything; that was the beauty of it! when you had a disagreement with your buddy; or you told your mom a fib; or annoyed your brother until he wanted to muss you up...and the list goes on and on. ;0) Anyway...wouldn't it be great to have that as an adult? You know, for times like: 10 days into a 6 year car loan & you realize you may not have made the best decision! ~ or When your credit card is maxed out, and it seems like you will be in the nursing home gumming your food, before that final payment is made! ~ or you wake up grumpy but don't realize you have been in a snit all day until bed time & then you ask the Lord not to take you in your sleep that night because that is not how you want to be remembered! ~ or...well, I think you see where I am going with this! ;0) For all those times when things get a lil messy, and ya want a quick clean harm / no foul; no fuss / no muss! it was easy. Like snapping your fingers, and time was turned back until JUST before you did something mean, or naughty, or not so thought out! :o) Have you ever wanted a 'do over' in your christian walk? I have! You see I am not a patient person, and I often find myself wondering if 'it' will ever happen! It doesn't matter what 'it' is's everything at one time or another: financial freedom; weight loss; dream job; pregnancy; pain relief; healing; 5pm on a friday; degree completed; big raise; ...add your answer here! You see by nature I am a's a gift! it's what I's all I have really! I can't carry a tune with a bucket, or bake the best cake you have ever had, or draw a picture that touches your heart...but I can help! :) What I don't always understand is why the Lord doesn't always seem to remember that He made me to be the helper that I am! LOL You know...all those times when I try to explain to HIM how clever MY plan is! :0) "Lord, this is what I was thinking..." "Hey Daddy, wouldn't it be great if..." 'This is how I see it working out for the best for everyone involved..." "I have thught about it, and this is what I need to happen, and hurry...!" ...etc...LOL now c'mon, don't leave me out here all alone, raise your hand if you can relate!! ;0) and it is not meant to be prideful, or pigheaded, nor arrogant...I'm just being my helpful self. ;) BUT THEN -> the Lord speaks to my heart and I realize that I just need to wait on HIM, and HIS PLAN! So I ask for a 'do over', and say I am sorry, and ask for another chance cuz He will never need to teach me this lesson again! I have received it, and I am gonna live it, and we can clean off the dust and move on from here -> and get things done! Oooops, there I go again...telling God what the plan should be. ;) But it's ok! HE is NOT surprised! HE has NEVER been shocked by ANY of my behaviors (or should I say mis-behaviors?) or any of my comments! HE knew WAY before I was created, that I would be a spitfire; a helper; a hands on kinda girl; have many opinions to share; naturally loud & fun-lovin'; basicly just a handful in general -> and HE choose to create me anyway and for that, I am forever grateful!!!! ;o) NO 'DO OVER' REQUIRED!?!?! :] ~~hugs, love & prayers to ya, Bee

Thursday, January 8, 2009


LESS THAN 50 HOURS REMAINING...of my thirties! :) Ohhhh, I know! I am supposed to be sad, and lie about my age...and maybe even cry - isn't that what any normal red-blooded American gal would do? Should do? Is expected to do?!? BUT NOT ME! I am excited, happy....almost blissful!!! I don't know why? I just am! Maybe I feel like I have "come into my own", or am just excited to see what adventure lies ahead for me in life? I guess instead of it feeling like a curse -> I just think of it as God giving me a 'promotion'!! :) Do you ever wonder why you feel the way you do? why you are who you are? I do! When I was a kid, I would sometimes imagine (wish/hope) that one day I'd get an envelope from God that says: "Your mission is..." and my life would ALL make sense! That everything that has ever puzzled me or troubled me; all of the hurts and the pains, and the emotions...they would all be worth it because NOW I would KNOW what it was all for! What all those things were teaching me for, who I was meant to be!! Well, I haven't gotten the 'envelope' yet! ;) but I have seen the fruit of the 'labor'...and it is good! If you have never spent time 'in the valley', you will never fully appreciate just how high the mountain is!! IT'S TRUE! Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY really DOES come in the morning! Ya see, when I was younger I didn't always think I could live through my experiences - and to be honest, I didn't always want to -> but I guess now that I know I CAN survive, even when it doesn't always FEEL like I can... it kinda makes me excited to see what "my mission is...should I choose to accept it!' ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Incase you were wondering...

Incase you were wondering about my unusual name: Aerodynamically BumbleBees should NOT be able to fly. It's true; their fat body is too big to be able to be lifted in flight by their tiny wings...but THEY don't know that! So they fly anyway! You see, They do not listen to the nay-sayers, nor the scientific reports -> they just do what God created them to do: FLY!!!! WOW, How powerful would that be in OUR lives if we stopped listening to all the nay-sayers and just did what God created US to do!! and PLEASE don't forget: sometimes the biggest nay-sayer in one's life, is oneself!!

this is all new to me...

Wow, this bloggin' thing is an adventure! Please bear with me people...I am still getting my toes wet, but I hope to catch on fast! ;0)