Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Ant

I was home for lunch, and I had just finished washing the dishes. As I was rinsing the last of the soap bubbles from the sink, I noticed one lone ant! "UGH!! who is this ant that would dare invade my kitchen?!?" was my first thought. >>>>>>I will be honest, my second thought was "poor little fella, he must not have a family or friends because he is all alone." I (sorta) wish I could say I introduced him to some friends, and set him up with a cute little wife to live happily-ever-after. You know, fairy-tale-style... but I must confess I knocked him into the sink & turned the water on full bore. >>>>>>Again, I must confess... as I saw him swirling around the sink drain (it looked like it was big over-powering whirlpool) my heart again went out to him as I thought "YEP! I've been there!!! Sorry buddy." >>>>>>The point could be made that if I were really feeling compassion for him, I could have 'jumped in and saved him'. But instead I really just had this amazing view of life, and it just made me completely grateful for Jesus!!! :) >>>>>>Have YOU ever felt like you were a tiny ant in a huge over-powering whirlpool?!?! I have. and although they have not killed me, they have caused me to call out (LOUDLY!) for help & compassion! for Grace! They have sent me to my knees with my arms open wide crying "Daddy, please come save me!" and EVERYTIME, not sometimes, EVERYTIME...JESUS was there!! ISN'T THAT EXCITING!!! Now, don't get me wrong, He didn't always do it the way I would have chosen - nor did He always do it as soon as I would have arranged, because let's be honest...if I had had the choice I would have preferred Jesus showed up BEFORE, and then PREVENTED the huge whirlpools in my life! :) I mean c'mon...Hello? pain hurts! :) LOL But I am SO GRATEFUL that JESUS was there WITH ME, and FOR ME!!!! I could not say that - IF He had prevented every trial and 'storm' in my life! If we never had rough times in life, we wouldn't need Jesus. We would not need faith. We would not need a Saviour! >>>>>>I have heard it said that sin will take you farther than you want to go; keep you longer than you wanted to stay; and cost you more than you wanted to pay. And it's true. >>>>>>I am so grateful for the Lord!! HE jumped into the huge whirlpool of life and death, and paid the price that we could not afford!! He died, so that we might live!!!! Do NOT take it for granted my friends; take it to heart!!!! :)