Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do over?!?

Remember when you were a kid and you could call a 'do over'? Ahhh, they were pure bliss! You know...when the game wasn't going well ~ or you got tired & bored of being 'the seeker' and wanted your friends to stop hiding so everyone can do something else...etc. (for you overly competitive people -> a 'do over' is like an annulment! no one wins, it's just a mutual agreement to 'begin again'!) It wasn't just for games though...a do over worked for everything; that was the beauty of it! when you had a disagreement with your buddy; or you told your mom a fib; or annoyed your brother until he wanted to muss you up...and the list goes on and on. ;0) Anyway...wouldn't it be great to have that as an adult? You know, for times like: 10 days into a 6 year car loan & you realize you may not have made the best decision! ~ or When your credit card is maxed out, and it seems like you will be in the nursing home gumming your food, before that final payment is made! ~ or you wake up grumpy but don't realize you have been in a snit all day until bed time & then you ask the Lord not to take you in your sleep that night because that is not how you want to be remembered! ~ or...well, I think you see where I am going with this! ;0) For all those times when things get a lil messy, and ya want a quick clean harm / no foul; no fuss / no muss! it was easy. Like snapping your fingers, and time was turned back until JUST before you did something mean, or naughty, or not so thought out! :o) Have you ever wanted a 'do over' in your christian walk? I have! You see I am not a patient person, and I often find myself wondering if 'it' will ever happen! It doesn't matter what 'it' is's everything at one time or another: financial freedom; weight loss; dream job; pregnancy; pain relief; healing; 5pm on a friday; degree completed; big raise; ...add your answer here! You see by nature I am a's a gift! it's what I's all I have really! I can't carry a tune with a bucket, or bake the best cake you have ever had, or draw a picture that touches your heart...but I can help! :) What I don't always understand is why the Lord doesn't always seem to remember that He made me to be the helper that I am! LOL You know...all those times when I try to explain to HIM how clever MY plan is! :0) "Lord, this is what I was thinking..." "Hey Daddy, wouldn't it be great if..." 'This is how I see it working out for the best for everyone involved..." "I have thught about it, and this is what I need to happen, and hurry...!" ...etc...LOL now c'mon, don't leave me out here all alone, raise your hand if you can relate!! ;0) and it is not meant to be prideful, or pigheaded, nor arrogant...I'm just being my helpful self. ;) BUT THEN -> the Lord speaks to my heart and I realize that I just need to wait on HIM, and HIS PLAN! So I ask for a 'do over', and say I am sorry, and ask for another chance cuz He will never need to teach me this lesson again! I have received it, and I am gonna live it, and we can clean off the dust and move on from here -> and get things done! Oooops, there I go again...telling God what the plan should be. ;) But it's ok! HE is NOT surprised! HE has NEVER been shocked by ANY of my behaviors (or should I say mis-behaviors?) or any of my comments! HE knew WAY before I was created, that I would be a spitfire; a helper; a hands on kinda girl; have many opinions to share; naturally loud & fun-lovin'; basicly just a handful in general -> and HE choose to create me anyway and for that, I am forever grateful!!!! ;o) NO 'DO OVER' REQUIRED!?!?! :] ~~hugs, love & prayers to ya, Bee