Friday, April 24, 2009

The Exact Same Place???

The alarm goes off, and I wake to see my kitty sleeping next to me. He is my adorable, snuggle bug so I am not surprised that he is near close as he can get! I love on him a little while, and then get out of bed to prepare for my day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I go off to work, and a few hours later I return for lunch, to find my sweet baby is still is the exact same spot he was when I awoke that morning! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I come home after my shift at work, and he has still seemingly not moved a hair. Most days I chuckle and pet him, while teasing him about being lazy. Some days I just think "Oh what joy to be a cat! where do I sign up?". One day it reminded me of some people I know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have you ever ran into an old friend after a few months? or several years...and they are in the exact same spot! They are fighting the same spiritual battle that they were dealing with the last time you saw them. It seems that they have not grown at all spiritually. Nor do they even seem to notice it sometimes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They are still trying to convince God that THEY have ALL the answers... if He would just answer their prayers. If He would just see fit to work it out the way they have asked him to do it. As I am thinking, it occurrs to me -> do I do that? Do I have God in a box? Am I still at the same spiritual level I was at 20 years ago? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oh I know...We all come to Christ as babes, needing the milk of the word. but some of us never stop feeding on the milk! Can you imagine a 50 year old man STILL, just eatting baby food and nothing else? It is insane! There is NO way an adult could get enough nutrition to function the way God has intended, by living on just milk and baby food. As we grow, we desire steak...the meat of the word! And yet, don't we do that to ourselves sometimes?? We want to stay safe, and have simple poblems. Oh Lord...please just tell me the nice stuff. Oh Lord, please don't let me get hurt. Oh Lord, please don't make me have to things are uncomfortable for me. I get nervous when I have to trust...please don't make me have to step out of my comfort zone...etc... Many times, I believe we may not even realize that is our inner most prayer, because we of course do not word it that way...but really? Isn't that what we WANT to say to the Lord? I have. I do...Life hurts sometimes!! :D But ultimately, I don't want to survive my life just having milk. I want to THRIVE in my life time...I want the meat of the Word!! I want the good stuff!! I want ALL that God has for me!!! I want the exciting dance, the adventure, the real stuff...I want all of JESUS!! :) and I am forever grateful, that as HIS child...I am able to walk in the full life of Christ! Yes, it isn't always easy. no, it doesn't always feel safe...but honey, it is SO worth it!!! :D


Debbie said...

wow good analogy beck.. and convicting piece.. we so want just the fluffiness of salvation and not to hard stuff that goes with growing in Christ. Ultimately if take that step we find fulfillment.. still working towards that.. Good work of writing. still think you should join my writing group and add your blog to online christian women's blog. there's a link to both on my blog.. God bless ya sistah!!